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Monitoring stocks and net worth the cheapo way

Way back in 2003, I started monitoring our monthly net worth and stock purchases using Excel.  It was spurred by a question I asked myself as I attended a course called "Finance for Non-Financial managers".  "Why was I looking at the finances of other people at work and not looking at my own?"  And so began the monthly tally which my husband and I eagerly look forward to even to this day.  In Dec 2017, we migrated to Google Sheets as it allows my husband and I to edit and share with each other freely.  We still discussed and shared views over it, just that it has gotten a lot more complex than that fateful first spreadsheet. It's definitely not the best spreadsheet. In fact, I would say the process had been rather ad hoc and haphazard at times over the 18 years.  But the plus side was we didn't spend a single cent on it and it does meet our needs, at least for now.   These were what we did: 1)  We divided our cash components according to where the money is p

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