Be Financially Educated - It Pays!

I started to really understand the importance of being financially educated only at the age of 23, when I received my first paycheck and mind you, after graduating with a university degree.  

Before that, I thought getting a regular income alone was enough to assure a bright future financially.  My savings was however not growing as quickly as I envisioned.  Whatever I invested in at that time were on unit trusts which I didn’t really understand. 

Sometimes, I wish governments worldwide would mandate a “Personal Financial Education” module in school curricula.

Fortunately, I began to devour book after book on personal finance in the years after.  I began to learn how to manage debt, income and expenses.  I realized that I needed to build passive income (money that you earn even if you’re not working), and to do that I had to understand the mechanics, charges involved, risks and trends of the financial instruments I want to invest in. 

Reading was one thing; taking action was another.  My husband and I started actively planning for our financial future only when I was expecting our first child six years after that.

In the next few blog posts, I will be sharing more about "free" financial education resources.

(This article first appeared in the CPF IM$avvy blog)


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