Delaying purchases is rewarding

I am really glad I decided to delay some of my purchases because the sales are going on right now.  Somehow, the Christmas and the New Year spirit rubs off even on shops and malls!  I know, I am such a sucker for good deals.

Sharing two recent buys I made recently:

1) 20% discount for Vitamin C for my children - I loaded bottles of it but made sure to check the expiry dates. I even asked the shop assistant to order more for me to take advantage of the discount which ends in a week's time.  Take your time to stroll through pharmacies like Guardian, Unity and Watsons and see if you can get load up on favourite toiletries which you use regularly.

2) Sportswear prices always put me off and I have been wearing the same old attire that I bought in China from years back .  Imagine my delight when I see very pretty sportswear tops selling at $4 each!  Yes, you read them right... four dollars!  And they were displayed at the gym where I work out.  Sometimes, the bargains are literally right under your nose.

To think I couldn't even get a decent top with $20 at the regular sportswear shops, yet now I can have my pick of colours and designs.  Being petite in build helps too because I realised all the sizes are on the smaller side :).

I am sure there will be more to come!


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