"Hidden" money: Selling on Gumtree

I am sure all of us have some "junk" lying around somewhere in the house.  For me, some of these "junk" turns out to be brand-new, unopened gifts or prizes my husband or I received but found no use for.  As the saying goes, one man's junk is another man's treasure.  (Or in my case, one woman's junk is another man's treasure because incidentally, my buyers turned out to be men!)

So, with some time on my hands, I finally got around to selling on Gumtree.  It was a rather simple process really. First, take pictures of the items you plan to sell.  I did it with my handphone and made sure that I also took close-ups of the brand or important details about the item.  Next thing was to register your account with Gumtree which was a hassle-free 5-minute process.

My experience as a copywriter helped me to come up with the marketing text for my adverts but it's easy for anyone really. Here are some tips:

a) If your item is brand-new, emphasize that in your headline with words like "100% brand new" or  "Unwrapped and brand new".  If not, be precise and honest about the level of usage, e.g. Pre-loved item with slight scratches etc.  Words like these help to capture the right buyers

b) Make sure you put up clear, informative photos about the item so that you do not need to explain too much in your text

c) Include delivery details e.g. near XXX MRT station or on particular days.

d) Price your item below market price but above your own price.  Even with brand-new stuff, buyers on such websites are taking a risk buying from you, so expect them to offer lower prices.  On the other hand, do not price at the exact price you mean to sell, so as to leave some room for bargaining.

Within a week, I was able to sell one of the two listed items at a good price.  The buyer didn't even check the item when he met me!  I admit, I had fears of meeting weird buyers but I made it a point to meet at a public place, e.g. MRT station and avoided divulging my name or other personal details.  The second item took a while but I finally sold that too within a month.  Remember to delete your ads once you've sold your stuff.

I am now going to put up more ads but first, let me go look for that "100% brand-new, unwrapped scarf which comes with matching scarf pin"!


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