Why Read My Blog?

I do not sell any financial products. I am not financially-trained in CFA or such. My major in Economics in Uni however did help me understand financial matters a little bit faster than some people. Whatever I have learnt, I learnt mainly from experience and mistakes. Schools can only teach so much.

If you're looking for get-rich-quick methods, stock picks or even to try and sell me insurance, please look elsewhere. But if you're serious about making small but lasting changes in your financial life, I hope my blog will provide you somewhere to start.

I am by nature a private person.  And well, money can be a sensitive topic.  So, I won't be sharing too much personal $$$ statistics and figures in my blog.  However, I will freely share what I have learnt, in terms of the things that shaped my mentality, my mindset as well as methods which have worked for me.  And those that didn't.

I would love to hear from my readers on any topics they might want to see here.  To contact me, please email: contact.homecfo@gmail.com.

Till then, live long and prosper!

(Caveat: I take no responsibility for any financial decisions you make.  And you should always remember: Only you are responsible for your own finances.)


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