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Hard Decisions that Eventually Paid Off to Build Our Reserves

There are no two ways about it - you need capital (I call it a Goose Account) to grow more money.  I have listed down ways to keep expenses low and save more.  But frankly, savings alone is not enough.  In this post, I will share how my husband and I increased our financial "war-chest" through other means. You may not be able to replicate the exact actions but I feel it's good to understand the "thought processes" we went through. This is because some of the decisions were not easy ones at the point of time.  In a way, we took a "gamble" and only on hindsight did they prove to help build up our capital reserves significantly…

In our early twenties, as a couple, we bought the the biggest HDB flat we could afford at a very remote (read "Ulu") area. It was an Executive Maisonette in Woodlands, when the MRT was not ready yet. There also very few shops and amenities closeby.  It used to take me almost two hours' commute just to reach my offi…

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